Give your home a ray of sunshine 

Every day’s a little brighter with an airy new conservatory. It could be a great way of using your home improvement loan to boost your property value1.

Of course, a conservatory is one of the more significant investments you could make, with plenty of things to consider such as:

  • size
  • style
  • heating
  • any planning permission you may need

But given the many benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more people choose to potentially add value1 to their homes – and their lifestyles – by adding a conservatory.

Let in more light, add more value

Obviously, the first benefit is the added space a conservatory will give you, but that’s just the start of the good news. A new conservatory may well:

  • allow you to extend your living room
  • open out your kitchen
  • give you more options with what you can do with your other rooms
  • allow you to replace smaller spaces for larger ones,
  • re-plan the whole of your downstairs or even stop using the kitchen table as your office at long last.

With the vast array of styles and structures on offer, including bespoke styles you may ask an architect to design, it’s extra space you can add in an aesthetically pleasing way that complements the rest of your home, inside and out. Not least of all, with the benefit of extra light. Open up your home to light with a conservatory and you’ll allow much more natural light to flood in, be that simply through the larger window area, bi-folding doors or a combination. And it’s amazing how extra light can lift your mood.

Get even more from the outside

A conservatory can be a beautiful way of enjoying your garden without any of the British chill. Whether you simply want to chill out, work or dine with family and friends, you’ll soak up more natural light. It’s no wonder people who add a conservatory end up saying their new space is the best room in the house – and that’s without considering the potential added financial value it could bring to your property1.

Facing facts – planning well

It’s a good idea to really think about the way your new conservatory is facing, too. Many traditional designs have a small top light opening, which you might think is an ideal way to ventilate your conservatory. However, if you’re lucky enough to be south facing, too little ventilation could leave your conservatory feeling too warm and stuffy during summer.

If you’re north facing on the other hand, it’s not a problem and a conservatory is still a great addition to your home – as long as you consider building in sufficient thermal protection to allow you to make use of your new space all year round. Planning things like conservatories is always fun, but if you plan well and consider the right level of insulation to walls and floors with the right kind of heating and good quality glazing, you’ll have a great space, whatever the weather.

The heat is on – all year long

Get your heating and insulation right and you’ll enjoy your beautiful new living space whether you’re north, south, east or west-facing – and that’s however you want to use your new conservatory. So whether it’s a new dining room, lounge or TV room, relaxing sanctuary for you or a playroom for the kids, why not start the ball rolling now and choose the amount you think you’ll need with our loan calculator, then picture yourself relaxing all year long.

Need to know more about conservatories? Check out the Conservatory Association on the Glazing and Glass Federation’s site.